Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hope? For the Future?

As i watched Barack Obama on the Jon Stewart show on the internet last nght i couldn't help but be mesmerized by his actions, words, and candor. The Americans share a deeply rooted bond with Canadians and in this fashion i can't help but feel bonded to the hope that is surfacing in the U.S.

When i look down south i'm surprised by a number of things; a black man and a woman both have (or had) a legitimate shot at becoming President, if Hillary Clinton is elected that will mean the U.S. has had either a Bush or a Clinton in the White house for more than 20 years-that one might be the most startling fact for a country as broad and influential as the United States. But despite what seems in "name" to be just another election - is actually brimming with hope. Many might not understand the political and cultural implications that are evolving. 40 years ago a black man couldn't dine in the same restaurant as white people. Today many white people are entirely consumed by the voice of change that echoes from Barack. This is a huge accomplishment and one that in and of itself should not be overlooked.

So many issues have been making their way into the left over air time from all the alleged Conservative scandals. Issues like, immigration reform, afghanistan, the Cadman affair, Senate reform, the economy. These are issues that might as well come with a razer sharp blade attached because they draw opinions and "how to guides" so far from each other that they literally polarize the debate. This reminds me however, exactly what type of country we live in. Democracy is not the right to get what you want and it is not the assurance that your government will see eye to eye with you. Democracy is the knowledge and the understanding that i can believe whatever, and see however i want and that those opinions must be respected - not liked - but respected.

Sometimes you need the ceiling to fall down before you realize you need a new roof. With everything going on up here and down south i can only hope we realize that something just isn't working and it's time for a change.


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