Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Canadians Don't Care

As i sit and desperately wait for a fresh story to break on the Conservative "in and out scheme". I'm left wondering how Peter Van Loan could possibly refer to the selective, secretive and undemocratic Sunday meeting could be referred to as "a positive step in transparency." as reported by CTV.ca.

What about hand picking media to feed spin ahead of an earth shaking announcement, is transparent? While i don't always appreciate the Conservative spin machine sometimes you have to appreciate it's ability to partisanly blind Canadians from the often obvious truths. Going back to the Income trust scandals, the committee filibustering, the Cadman denials and now this. Perhaps, this time the unbelievable effort to control the spin or be the designers of sorts, of the inevitable stories will ultimately be the push that lands the Conservatives face deep in the mud.

Being honest. The more i read into this the more worried i am about the implications it presents.


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